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First Timer Need Help With Id's Peace River March 15Th


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We took our first trip to the peace river this weekend. What a fun fun day! We've tried to research a few of our finds and came up with nothing. Can anyone help me id this tooth? It looks almost human. I will be posting a few more pics that I will need help with too.

Thanks! Kyliepost-14722-0-11712900-1395061939_thumb.jpgpost-14722-0-42883900-1395061991_thumb.jpg

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I tried and tried to find any picture like it. Does that mean that it is rare? Thank you both for your help. I think my family is hooked. We just need to upgrade our tools and we will be regulars at the river :)

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Great find for a first time out! I've been to the Peace River a couple of times a year for several years now and I've never found a bison incisor. Rare? Possibly not but definitely not a common find by any means. I've found a few horse incisors over the years but this one is larger than those and it makes sense that it would be bison.

Now you're hooked! I'd recommend picking up as many good fossil ID books as you can to help you learn what you are finding. Folks on this forum are a wealth of knowledge but it is always good to have something you can take to the river with you and check out at the end of the day to see what prehistoric treasures you've gleaned from the river. If you google "fossil Mark Renz" you'll find Mark's website where you can get several great books. Also check online for the newest edition of Florida's Fossils by Robin C. Brown. Another great book is Vertebrate Fossils: A Neophyte's Guide by Frank A. Kocsis, Jr. I know copies of that book can be easily obtained online. With these guides and the generous help of this forum's members you'll be working your way up the Florida fossil learning curve in no time.


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