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First Timer Need Help With Id's Peace River Picture #2


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I will try new pics. It so looks like a tooth its sharp and hooked and there is a line that looks like it goes from bone to tooth...




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It's definitely not a tooth. Id say bone frag, but it seems to be lacking the spongy marrow look also.....

So I'm going with weird shaped rock or unidentifiable bone frag. Sorry.... But think of it this way, every nonfossil you find helps to train your eye to distinguish the difference between something great and just a rock.

I share your addiction with the Peace. Unfortunately i can only make it down there mayyyybbbeeee once a year...


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Thanks...it is worn on the underside of the hooked part. Still not a tooth? Anything else I can look for in this fossil, rock or bone frag?

I can't wait until the day I will know as soon as I pick it up!!

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If it is not a concretion (rock), it might be a turtle spur or a bone fragment. In order to determine that you must get a photo that shows the "grain" of the fossil, Here is one taken in bright sunlight.post-2220-0-81177200-1395074320_thumb.jpg

Blow-up the photo by mouse click and look at te different grain of claw and tooth and bone

Here is another that "fills" the photo , also taken in sunshine,post-2220-0-26331600-1395074390_thumb.jpg

Here is a TFF link to a turtle spur.


Good luck in your future finds.

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