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Tine,tooth Or...


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Gorgeous day -- but the water was a little deep. I was have some success finding small Megs, some broken or excessively worn, a number of "connected" ray mouth plates, some very nice hemis, including a perfect 1.5 inch lower, some broken mammal teeth and many small shark teeth -- mostly lemons and tigers.

Typically good fossil hunting day and then this plate, untouched and unbroken shows up on my shovel. The break from the rest of the tooth seems not to be recent. This is a NICE find and raises my level of enthusiasm, which I needed after digging 5 hours.


So I know that no one has been this way before and I am dreaming of the rest of the tooth or a complete mammal tooth or ?

A while later, I see this fossil in my sieve and at first I think "Deer tine", and then since the tip seems worn from sharping, maybe tapir tusk. Looking at the bottom --- Gator but it is very thin for a 1.9 inch gator tooth and has none of the circular rings traditional to Gator....

So what is this one? post-2220-0-11352100-1395368266_thumb.jpgpost-2220-0-03691600-1395368279_thumb.jpg

Thanks for ALL responses. SS

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It cooouuulllld be a armadillo tooth.....but that's a stretch. And im pretty sure even deer spikes don't get that small, so you can rule that out. Just tell everyone its a pigmy mammoth tusk! Haha

Awesome tooth frag!!! It looks cool just by itself!


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possible odontocete tooth, based on the circular growth rings & conical bottom indentation. looks very similar to the small whale teeth found in the Calvert fm.

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