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Need Help Identifying Tree Fossils


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My son and I just started fossil hunting and we are looking for some assistance identifying our finds from this weekend. Any help would be appreciated.

Location: Southwestern Pennsylvania mountains in and near a creek tributary about 6 to 10 feet below original ground elevation created by watershed.

Elevation: Near 2000 feet

Material: Appears to be sandstone.








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They all look like different impressions from Lycopods from the Carboniferous Period. Pic #3 looks like a Sigillaria outside bark impression. #1, #2 and #6 Decorticated interior impressions. #4 and #5 look like faint impressions of the interior?

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I'm from Pittsburgh area. Nice finds! :) Ric knows his stuff I am fairly new at this. There is a mineral/fossil show coming up near Pittsburgh I'll post on here in case your interested! :)

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Rockin' Ric,

I should have been more descriptive on the pics. Pic 2 and 3 are the same fossil (looks like a piece of petrified bark). We could not determine from an internet search which side was interior versus exterior so thanks for clearing it up. Pick 4 and 5 are also the same fossil and that makes sense it is an interior impression since it appears to have a tight wood grain appearance. This fossil has a great deal of detail, but I could not get it to show up in the detail on pic 5. Pic 6 and 7 are also the same fossil. We were trying to show what appears to be pieces of leaves from a cordaite tree based on an internet search, but again could not get the detail to show up in pic 7. We appreciate your help!

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We would be very interested in a Pittsburgh mineral/fossil show. We live near Murrysville, PA so it would be an easy drive. Thank you for sharing!

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