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Road Cut "echinoid" Find From Bandera


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Hubby and I stopped in Bandera on the way home today at a road cut, and found some small fossils in our brief stop (was raining & cold!) and also this guy, currently nicknamed "Claude" (Clod). (Yes, I nickname things. Hazard of being a mom, I think).

The site was the first road cut on 173 going north out of Bandera, and the round end was partially exposed. We were able to nudge him out but I am not finding anything online.

I suspect echnoid because of the faint dots-in-lines on the top, but haven't found anything that looks close. I could be totally off - and would appreciate any guidance anyone is willing to share!

Thank you in advance.


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i am afraid it looks like a bivalve cast still a nice find :)

That's the odd thing, it is flat on the bottom. The bilateral symmatry is on the top only... It's also larger than any bivalves I've been able to find online, it's about five inches long.

I am evidently too inept to figure out how to add the picture of the underside.

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I've been researching clam casts thanks to your suggestions, and believe you may be right. It actually wasn't something I knew existed before today - but makes sense in this context.

Learning more every day :) Thank you all for your kindness.

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