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New From Oregon Id Rhino Tibia?


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I found this about 10 years ago in a couple of dozen pieces. This winter I took up putting it back together. It is still only a partial and may be too fractured to still determine.

It comes from the extreme SE corner of Oregon within about 20 miles of Idaho and Nevada. It was in a silicic ash flow on an ancient bend in the Owyhee River. From what I have been able to gather it is likely Late Miocene although upstream on the other side of the river it is Pleistocene.

My mammal anatomy is not very strong; looking online a Rhino Tibia is only guess? THe section is about 11 inches long, 10 inches wide at the top of the joint, and about 4 1/2 inches thick. Much larger than any Elk I've broke down.







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It's broken up enough that I wouldn't want to hazard a guess without having it in hand and comparing it directly to rhino, elephant, camel, etc.

You might want to take it to the Museum in Pocatello and show it to Mary Thompson. Or to the University of Oregon museum and show it to Ed Davis or Samantha Hopkins.

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Rich, Thank you. I am only an hour from the U of O, and that was one of my questions I forgot to ask was for contacts up there.

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