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Can An Agate Have A Fossil In It?

curious kat

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I find a lot of agate around where I live (NM)...but this is the only one so far like this. It's agate on one side and the other side is odd looking. Anyone know if it could be some kind of fossil or not? Thanks

post-13912-0-87756500-1396070085_thumb.jpg post-13912-0-50126400-1396070140_thumb.jpg

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Looking at your second photo, I'm afraid I don't see a fossil there. It looks like a pretty and interesting concentric agate structure. You can however get fossils in agate, and also agatised fossils

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OK 4circle, thanks for weighing in on that. You mentioned "agattised fossils"...maybe you could take a peek at my other post titled "Could this be a fossil or just a rock?", and see what you think about that, it does have a side of agate on it. Thanks again...

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Curious Kat,

In reply to your subject question, the short answer is yes. Petrified wood is more often than not agatized. Dinosaur bone is found preserved as agate. But probably a more accurate response to your question will be found with Turritella agate from Wyoming. This material shows agatized Turritella snail shells in an agate matrix and not a bad lapidary material to boot. I also think there are agatized horn corals in agate from Kentucky but I( have never personally collected any or used any for lapidary purposes.

I hope this helpss


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The Eocene is my favorite

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jkfoam....thank you for that interesting information!

PRK...wow...your "agate shell" is Awesome! That post should he headlined somewhere so everyone can see it. So, if something is "agatized" the agate takes on it's shape...always? And...my agate doesn't look like anything other than a "ring" so is not a fossil...good to know. Thank you :)

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