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Can Someone Help Devonian Era?


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1st & 2nd spirifirid brachiopod (Spirifer or Mucropirifer)

3rd & 4th brachiopod, possibly Pugnoides sp.

5th & 6th gastropod, probably Platyceras sp.

hope this helps.

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This looks like Lower Devonian material and I see that the Onondaga formation crops out in Lake Catherine so that might be where you were collecting. In my opinion you have the following:

1st and 2nd are a Spirifer type but not Mucrospirifer as that is a middle Devonian genus.

3rd and 4th I agree with Ted above.

5th is possibly a Platyceras type gastropod but could also be a Nanticonema or Platystoma type gastropod.

6th is likely a Nanticonema lineata gastropod.




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