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Do I Have Some Great White Shark Teeth?


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Welcome to the forum! A little clearer photo might help but from what I can see you have some worn Lemon and Bull shark teeth. I don't see anything that to me resembles a Great White or a rare tooth. But none the less they are a nice sample of teeth.

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No GWs that I can tell, and nothing jumps out as a rarity. Where are they from?

You could try again with a brighter, sharper image (with a ruler for scale).

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Look like a lot of beach lemon shark teeth and a few reef/bullshark. Keep looking im sure theres a GW near!

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I got a huge bag at a resale store for like 2 buckd lol.

Those were just the coolest ones.

I have a hard time differentiating them because I thought a few resembked Great Whites.

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I have to concur with Obsessed, they look like Lemon & Bulls. They look to have been collected at the same site which normally will produce similar species and sizes. However, there is never an absolute with respect to that rule of thumb. Either way, some real nice stuff!

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