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Did Gamma Ray Burst Induce Cambrian Explosion?


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The mystery is not solved by any stretch of imagination, but nonetheless an interesting short paper to ponder! :zzzzscratchchin::popcorn:


Chen, P., & Ruffini, R. (2015)

Did gamma ray burst induce Cambrian explosion?.

Astronomy Reports, 59(6):469-473







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thanks Scott :)

"Your serpent of Egypt is bred now of your mud by the operation of your sun; so is your crocodile." Lepidus

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I have always wondered if the Cambrian Explosion was actually the result of a mass extinction. I assume there was a dominant fauna when the explosion occured, soft bodied, leaving few fossils. Their removal by some mechanism would have allowed this sudden explosion of new species. Imagine if dinos didn't fossilize, how would we interpret the sudden appearance of the mammal species in the Paleocene?


ashcraft, brent allen

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Another theory is that Cambrian life existed before the Cambrian period but was much smaller and therefore difficult to detect in the fossil record. Complex multicellular life did exist before the Cambrian so it is possible that all of the species we know were in the Cambrian could have been around for millions of years before that in smaller states. Then when all of the ediacaran life became extinct the Cambrian life could have evolved and rose to dominance. This process has occurred before. For example, dinosaurs and small mammals co-existed at one point but when the dinosaurs became extinct the mammals occupied all of their ecological niches and grew to much larger sizes. Personally, I find both of the theories presented here to be interesting and plausible but the unfortunate reality is that we do not know for sure what happened as we were not there.

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