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My son told me he was going to a certain place he had read about just on the other side of the mountain from where I live. He told me there should be some clams there. I wasn't too interested. He called me that night and told me he found most of a fish and the head of another! WHAT!!! Now he had my attention. Those 2 rocks are now drying in my garage, and Its all I can think about. I NEED to get over there and do a bit of carefull digging but he tells me most of the exposure is covered in snow, so,,,, I will wait till things dry up a bit. Not sure what species of fossil fish these are, but hopeing for trout? The 2 specimens he found, if whole, would measure about 10 inches in length. He chisled right across the top of the head of the one specimen and destroyed it, but the other specimen is still under the rock and looks to have a disarticulated head but a very strait backbone all the way to the missing tail. This is super exciting stuff for me for sure!!! if I can get some decent specimens I will take some photos so yall can see what im talking about.


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Sounds promising! 10" fish are bigger then the ones i catch! Haha

Good luck! We would love to see the fruits of your labors.


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...and you can point out to everyone that "this is not a fish tail !" :) Get out there now!

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Never seen a fossil Montana fish before if u ever get a extra one that u are willing to part with keep me in mind. ;)

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