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Newbie - Is This A Fossil?


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I've always loved fossils but never really took any time to learn about them or geology. If I didn't study it in college, I don't know how to find out about. It's a character flaw on my part. A few years ago, I did visit Dinosaur Park in Maryland with my son as a long term science project and became a volunteer or sorts. We learned not to dig. Just look at the surface. A very good time to do that is after a rain. So, I was in my backyard in Smyrna, TN yesterday after a rain, when I thought I would look down at the ground and see what was there. I found a very dirty rock. But, it looked like it had potential to me. So, I took it in and washed it off. To me, it looks like a fossilized bone...maybe a piece of vertebra...but not from a large animal.

I don't even know where I can take it to show it to someone. If you could advise me about that as well, I would appreciate it. I'll probably continue to look in our yard, even if it is nothing. We live on a hill and our yard is constantly washing away.

Thanks for your help.







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I think it is just a suggestively shaped rock. I don't see any evidence of bone. Still, you are more likely to find invertebrate fossils in your area. Keep looking and welcome to The Forum. :)

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looks like weathered chert to me.

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No bubbles. Surely, it must be more than 1 kind of rock. The white stuff, that to me looks like a bone, feels very different than the orange stuff. The white stuff is smooth while the orange stuff is rough. I will look up what chert is. Thanks for your input.

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The rocks in your general area are either Ordovician limestone, or Mississippian age limestone, sandstone, and shale. The white blocky shapes are a characteristic of karsted limestone. The reddish layers look like sand that filled in the dissolved areas of the original limestone and was lithified in turn.

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