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Pyrite From Quebec!


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Hi everyone!

I went to Val D'Or, Qc 6 years ago to study for mineral extraction (mining)! I had the chance to mine in 4 different gold mines up there!

One day, my teacher came up to me while I was looking at a really huge pyrite piece and he told me he might be able to take 1 or 2 small pieces out for me but he wasn't 100% sure! I don't know for everywhere else but here in Quebec, we are not allowed to keep a single little rock from a gold mine! My teacher was a really well known retreated foreman and he knew I had a nice collection of rocks and fossils! Well I chose these 3 pieces and give them to him right away.. of course I wanted to take some pieces with a little bit of quartz to have more chance to have gold in it! At the end of the day I was disappointed to leave without them... but they never said no yet! At the end of the week, I was about to leave the main exit where they inspect your things so we won't steal anything and my teacher came up running with a small box! He gave this little heavy box to me and he gave a paper to the officer that was the permission for me to take out these 3 pieces signed by one of the big boss or something like that! He took a quick look at the paper and didn't even bother looking in the box!!!! I was sooo :D Look at these!!!!

The tunnel where they come from is made only of pyrite but we had to make our way trough it to reach the gold vein! It is not to obvious a gold vein in a pyrite drift... But we knew we weren't to far when we started hitting a little bit of quartz mixed with the pyrite!

These pieces can contain gold of course! I never did any test to figure it out but my teacher was a gold mining foreman for 45 years and he told me that he is pretty sure there is gold in these 3 rocks!

Bob! :)








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