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Day Trip To Seatown, Dorset


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I went to seatown for the first time a week ago and found a few pieces.

I forgot to take a picture of the calcite androg that I found where the edge is just starting to weather out. Will get it prepped at some point.

Here are the other bits I found, although the largest was found in a slip on charmouth same day, as I walked around the cap and over to charmouth

The caliper is open at 15cm



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I'm surprised though that you found so many similar partial ammonites. Were these found on the shingle or in the slip?

If you come across patches of golden pyrite and reddish looking sand amongst the shingle stop there and have a poke around, there is a good chance of finding small, complete pyritized ammonites.

"In Africa, one can't help becoming caught up in the spine-chilling excitement of the hunt. Perhaps, it has something to do with a memory of a time gone by, when we were the prey, and our nights were filled with darkness..."

-Eternal Enemies: Lions And Hyenas

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These were all puller out of the clay. Only the other whorls fill with sediment and get well preserved whereas 99% of the centers get crushed.

Where I go at charmouth normally there are loads of pyrite ammos. I've got loads of them at home. I will be putting a thread up showing my collection soon :)

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