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Considering The Munich Show


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I am planning to visit the munich show this year, and i wanted to ask a few questions that i couldnt get answers for on the website itself.

1. Do you reccomend the show?

2. Is there an entry fee, and if there is how much does it cost?

3. What are the laws on buying and leaving the country with fossils in germany?

I owe those that answer a favor.

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I visited waaaaaay back in 2000 but it was a very nice show. Lots of dealers & deals to be had. I hope you can make it.



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A friend of mine goes from time to time, and he always talk about it.... Very pro show (and expensive! Entrance ticket...50€!!!). Very good and very big show! One of the best! But fossils and minerals are expensive aswell. In the other hand; specimens are museum rated!

Very good quality!

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Friday is only for registered buyers (but no real problem to get in)

Prices are:

Friday: 29€ (online 27€)

Saturday, Sunday 12€ (11€)

3 days 38€ (36€)

2 days 18€ (17€)


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