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Calvert Cliffs (Brownie's Beach) 4-12-14


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Brownie's Beach / Bayfront Park

Went for 2014's first trip to the cliffs this morning. Arrived as the sun was still not yet risen, and we were the 3rd car in the parking lot. :(

Found plenty of "better" shell specimens to improve my shell collection, but surface collecting for teeth was a bust. Found plenty of ray plate fragments, marine mammal bone fragments, and one mostly intact marine mammal vertebrae.

Luckily, I brought my shovel and box sifter, and I sifted in the gravelly piles where the waves lap and was able to come up with about 30 decent teeth of a wide variety of species.

Here is a group shot of some of the better finds of the day, followed by IDs for the shark teeth I found sifting. Please feel free to correct any mistakes :)


[1] post-12990-0-02901100-1397352037_thumb.jpg

[1] Alopias cf. latidens (Thresher Shark)

[2] post-12990-0-33512200-1397352042_thumb.jpg

[2] Carcharhinus brachyurus (Copper Shark)

[3] post-12990-0-73807800-1397352046_thumb.jpg

[3] Carcharhinus priscus (Gray Shark)

[4] post-12990-0-65804300-1397352052_thumb.jpg

[4] Carcharias sp. (Sand Tiger Shark)

[5] post-12990-0-34013500-1397352058_thumb.jpg

[5] Galeocerdo sp. (Tiger Shark) - Is size the main difference between cuvier and aduncus?

[6] post-12990-0-15870900-1397352063_thumb.jpg

[6] Galeocerdo sp. (Tiger Shark) - Is size the main difference between cuvier and aduncus?

[7] post-12990-0-19944400-1397352068_thumb.jpg

[7] Hemipristis serra (Snaggletooth Shark)

[8] post-12990-0-06926700-1397352073_thumb.jpg

[8] Negaprion eurybathrodono (Lemon Shark)

[9] post-12990-0-35877200-1397352078_thumb.jpg

[9] Physogaleus contortus (Tiger Shark)

[10] post-12990-0-68075700-1397352083_thumb.jpg

[10] Sphyrna zygaena (Hammerhead Shark)

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Very nice teeth!

Good variety as well. I like the mammal bones too.

"In Africa, one can't help becoming caught up in the spine-chilling excitement of the hunt. Perhaps, it has something to do with a memory of a time gone by, when we were the prey, and our nights were filled with darkness..."

-Eternal Enemies: Lions And Hyenas

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Nice photography. Any site photos of you sloshin' around on the beach?

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point.thumb.jpg.e8c20b9cd1882c9813380ade830e1f32.jpg research.jpg.932a4c776c9696d3cf6133084c2d9a84.jpg  RPV.jpg.d17a6f3deca931bfdce34e2a5f29511d.jpg  SJB.jpg.f032e0b315b0e335acf103408a762803.jpg  butterfly.jpg.71c7cc456dfbbae76f15995f00b221ff.jpg  Htoad.jpg.3d40423ae4f226cfcc7e0aba3b331565.jpg  library.jpg.56c23fbd183a19af79384c4b8c431757.jpg  OIP.jpg.163d5efffd320f70f956e9a53f9cd7db.jpg

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Alas, we brought a camera with us, but we completely forgot to use it while we were on the beach.

Thanks, I just use my flatbed scanner cranked up to 2400 ppi with the higher bit depth. I use a bit of scotch tape to fix the fossils to a sheet of paper so they don't roll around on the scanner. Then I use photoshop to crop/rotate/center, and to add a millimeter scale.

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I love the thresher! For the conditions you found a nice group of fossils. The beach wasn't giving up a lot of fossils yesterday. When the tide is that far out with no wave action there is usually less fossils to be found. BTW I was the second one on the beach....sorry B).

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Did I say hi to you on your way back? I think I asked just about everyone I bumped into if they were on TFF, but everyone I asked said no.

No apologies necessary - the early fossil-er gets the meg! We would have arrived 10 minutes earlier but I came with my dad and he is a bit slow to get moving in the mornings :)

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I don't think we met. I like you asked many people if they were forum members but found none other than the guy who was there first who is a friend and forum member.

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