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Indiana Gastropods, Platyostoma? Cannabalism?

Jed '06

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Hi everyone,

Here are two Platyostoma(?) attached to each other. Wondering if positioned this way by chance or cannabalism or

Two more photos are in reply! Found in S. Indiana, Silurian Waldron Shale.

Thanks again,


overall size is 2.5cm X 1.8cm

post-12952-0-45566400-1397431704_thumb.jpg post-12952-0-52163400-1397431730_thumb.jpg

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Platyceras sp?

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Perhaps they were mating?



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they may be cannibalistic here. I have attached a picture of moon snails that have been drilled themselves.


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Thanks Everyone!

When I get time will do some more cleanup. I'm interested in exploring the dark curving item that appears to come out of one and enters into the shell of the second one. This is visible in three of the photos. The second photo in the first post shows it best, in the top right portion.

gturner333, thanks for sharing the photo of your neat finds! I haven't found any like that yet.


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I prefer the mating scenario. Let us know what details you uncover about the secret life of snails.

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