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Tooth Or Claw?


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Just found this fossil near my house, where I usually hunt, and it's from the upper Jurassic.It looks like a claw or tooth, but my experience with vertebrate fossils is quite low, so I'd be happy if some of you could help me :D.

Thanks in advance!post-14971-0-52610200-1397432378_thumb.jpgpost-14971-0-39878000-1397432462_thumb.jpgpost-14971-0-11349600-1397432501_thumb.jpg

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I think we will need larger images to make a better judgement about its ID.

"In Africa, one can't help becoming caught up in the spine-chilling excitement of the hunt. Perhaps, it has something to do with a memory of a time gone by, when we were the prey, and our nights were filled with darkness..."

-Eternal Enemies: Lions And Hyenas

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I don´t really know any teeth that curved. As Paleoworld-101 said, you have to post bigger images for people to see.

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looks a bit like the partial free finger crab claw, pics that will blow up will give us a better evaluatiuon

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