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Cyclus Surprise!


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Well, things are finally starting to thaw out and for us Mazon Creek collectors, it means it is time to go through our buckets of concretions that have been sitting outside all Winter going through a natural freeze/thaw cycle.

A few days ago, I was searching through a bucket finding the usual jellyfish, plant fragments and worms when I came across a concretion that split preserving a nice example of Cyclus americanus!

Cyclus are problematic organisms that are sometimes referred to as water bugs or fish lice. There are 3 types known from the marine portion of the Mazon Creek deposit with C. americanus being the most abundant.

The concretion that the cyclus was preserved in had an elongated shape with enlarged ends.

I noticed that there was an additional hairline crack on the other enlarged end and after a few gentle taps, the unusual concretion split again to preserve...



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A second cyclus!

It is very unusual to find associated fossils within a concretion and this is the first example I have ever seen that preserves 2 cyclus fossils.



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That's ironic! Congrats on the double Rob!

Hope to see you down there sometime.


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That is a very nice association! Plants associated with animals are more common but still unusual.

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Wonderful! I think I understand more about that critter now, seeing the detail around the outer edge of that one... pustules?

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