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Stable Isotope Studies Yield New Clues About Ice Ages


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Oxygen Analysis in Ancient Plankton Fossils Offers

New Clues about Ice Ages, Nature News, April 17, 2014


Study provides crucial new information about how

the ice ages came about Eureka! Science News



5.3 Million Years of Sea Level Change on One

Cliff Face by Brandon Keim, Wired, April 17, 2014


A 5.3-million-year record of sea level and

temperature, Phys.org., April 16, 2014


The paper is:

Rohling, E. J., G. L. Foster, K. M. Grant, G. Marino

A. P. Roberts, M. E. Tamisiea, and F. Williams, 2014,

Sea-level and deep-sea-temperature variability over

the past 5.3 million years. Nature. Published

online 16 April 2014



Paul H.

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