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Six Days Hunting Fossils On The French West Coast


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Just came back from my holidays on the French West Coast,not the best weather but few nice finds :)

First day ,i visited my middle Jurassic beach of Jard sur mer post-2325-0-15682900-1399146089_thumb.jpgpost-2325-0-38290100-1399146102_thumb.jpg

post-2325-0-48751800-1399146121_thumb.jpg A Macrocephalites


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The sample in the water after the prep

post-2325-0-45274500-1399462314_thumb.jpgMacrocephalites (M.) gracilis (SPATH 1928) (m)Callovian (-160 à -154 )

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that m. gracilis is spectacular, gery.


Daniel A. Wöhr aus Südtexas

"To the motivated go the spoils."

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What a beauty. Great find! Did you get the other Macrocephalites our of the rock in your third pic?



Geologists on the whole are inconsistent drivers. When a roadcut presents itself, they tend to lurch and weave. To them, the roadcut is a portal, a fragment of a regional story, a proscenium arch that leads their imaginations into the earth and through the surrounding terrain. - John McPhee

If I'm going to drive safely, I can't do geology. - John McPhee

Check out my Blog for more fossils I've found: http://viewsofthemahantango.blogspot.com/

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Thanks Dan and Dave,i let the one in the rock as it is,the rock is too hard to make anything else :)

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