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Unidentified Items - Keep Of Put Back


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Found these at the NSR in Texas along with the Mosasaur items I have been posting. I do not want to horde items for no good reason, but of course I picked up any bone the first trips out. I am now ready to only keep well preserved pieces or unusual items. I know some bone fragments are hard to ID, but wanted to get verification that there is nothing here on the must keep list. I always assume mosasaur, but some of these are terribly different than the others. I can get more pics, but wanted to start here. Help me out. I am actually going to take group of kids on a field trip and introduce them to fossil hunting and will prob give each kid one of these and then toss the rest back for others to find.







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I am curious to see what #2 is, found a similar piece and have no idea what it is from. Maybe someone will have some info.----Tom

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It will be extremely hard to tell the species from these, but the only one that i can make out is a partial scapula in your first pic lower left. Sorry i can't be more help.

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It can be really difficult to identify bone fragments. However, some of those fragments have enough features to make them worth keeping. If found in a stream bed they could represent a very long span of time, not one particular geologic age.

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I did not take pic of the small fragments. These are ones that had some form to them, the others are just small and I know would be nearly impossible to ID. You just never know what someone might know about something. I do appreciate all the responses I get. Not good enough at this yet to be of much help.

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