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Is This A Coprolite?


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I don't think that is a coprolite. If it is it is unlike any I have ever seen. This one does not look like a fossil to me.

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I have stumbled onto a couple of these and I was searching the web to see what kind of rock it was (it looks similar to hematite, I think) but it also had a striking resemblance to a crocodilian coprolite that popped up while searching. Assuming that was an accurate ID. Thanks for having a look Richard :)

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Looks like a hematite or other iron oxide nodule to me. A streak test will tell you which oxide.

For the external picture [link now removed], I see a breccia on the left and two pieces of sedimentary conglomerate (probably sandstone) with perhaps some fossiliferous shelly material. The middle piece has a tubular ironstone concretion.

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