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Quick Trip To Check Water Level


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Took the kids to check the NSR water level after a big rain to see what it looks like flowing. Amazing. Could not help but to walk down and search all of about a half acre of busted shale.







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Looks like fun! I remember years ago I took my family out to the NSR on a similar mission. On the way back I got nailed by a police officer for speeding in Wolf City. That was the first ticket I ever received. Sadly, it has not been the last!

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Looks like it was a good trip with nice things to find.

Is that a Pella in the first photo? We find those around here in NM.

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We have caught the fossil bug. My son found a vert and screamed out loud. Can't wait to go back. Sorry about the tickets. Could ruin a good day.

Hardest part about hunting is seeing what others have drug out in years past when it was a little more fossil rich. I feel like we work hard for scraps, but there is always something around. Made our first trip to find our own fossil spot and struck out. Lol. Still learning.

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I don't know what the first pic is. Bone of some sort and figured fish. I picked up a rock to toss and it was the mosasaur nose section. Has a nice emerging tooth.

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