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Chewapa Creek Finds.


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I was out at Chewapa Creek today and here are some of my finds. Im really curious about these pieces. Im guessing that the top row are going to be gastropods but the bottom left and the bottom right makes me wonder. Any guesses?


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The top row are worm tubes (Hamulus sp.) and the bottom row are echinoid spines.

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Sir, an exact species identification seems to me to be Hamulus deformis (d'Orbigny) on most of your material at the top of your picture. The one on the far left may perhaps be Hamulus onyx Morton....but i can't quite make it out in your photo. I am attaching a photo from one of Bruce Wade's books, it's the one that deals strictly with Hamulus species. Fig.5-6 are the onyx species, fig.7-8 are the deformis species. That way you may be able to hold your specimens and judge for yourself. It also appears to me that on atleast the Hamulus above the coin that you have one with the operculum still attached!....you may even have more examples like that, but i can't tell if they are infilled with sediment or are actually operculum. In fig.4 of the photo, the operculum is the rounded object sticking out the big end of the shell. Hope this helps you sir, and congratulations on more great finds! :) In regards to the material at the bottom, i can't speak of them with much certainty. But i have recovered atleast 3 Hamulus specimens up here and a very large operculum.


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--- Joshua


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