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Cretoxyrhinidae/otodontidae/lamnidae - New!


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I was looking for information about four of my Moroccan teeth, anterior teeth from a specie of Cretalamna that i identified as Lamna schoutedeni (Darteville & Casier 1943), for which i had some elements that left me thought it could be related to Lamnidae and I tried to locate the period of existence (Danian - Paleocene) and possible affiliations .


An interesting publication of C.G. Diedrich has just been published three days ago, after study of a skeleton of Cretoxyrhina / Isurus denticulata from Turonian discovered in Germany and those found in the United States. This work sheds new light about the relationship between Cretoxyrhinidae and sharks from the family of Lamnidae which would form a same lineage from I. appendiculata: Isurus appendiculata-> I. denticulata-> I. mantelli-> I. schoutedeni-> I. praecursor-> I. desori etc ...



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I made my opinion about what work I had put aside while waiting for opinions, I think now that it will stay on the side.

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