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Tate Museum Happenings


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Hi all... Just a quick shameless plug for things happening here at the Tate Museum in Casper, Wyoming in the next month or so. I've posted about these before, but why not do it again as the time gets closer.

June 5-8 is the 20th annual Tate Conference, "Prehistoric Predators". We have a great line up of speakers for Friday and a two-day field trip in to the Lance and White river formations on Sat/Sun. (Folks who sign up for the day of talks get priority in reserving a spot on the field trip). And I will add that lunch on Sunday is provided by our own Old Dead Things, and will be most delicious.

More info is available here

From June 16 through 20 we are doing a week-long Morrison Formation dinosaur dig at the famous Como Bluff in southern Wyoming. We will be excavating a camptosaurus skeleton that was discovered years ago. This outing costs 800 bucks and you get food and a hotel for the duration, and travel from Casper to and from the site.

And more info on that one is here.

Come on out and join the fun.


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Sometimes I really hate living a million miles away. Have a blast!

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