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Dinocardium Robustum?


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Hi guys,

Found in the north of the Algerian desert. Close to the hills. I mean the place is something in between. Not total desert. Can't disclose the location for reasons I can't disclose. :D

Anyway, I can't weigh it, but it would make a 200 g easy. Ask away if you wanna know more. I dom't know what to tell else. Does the mean that the loacation was under an ocean or sea?




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Where did you get that name? Most of us won't know the IDs of things from such an exotic location, unless (like a few here) they are good at finding the applicable literature (if it exists!)

For what it's worth, to me it does have the look of some kind of Cardium, and yes it would indicate the area was once under sea!

Wait to see what others think.

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