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T-Rex Tooth?


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Hi all. I've been into fossils for a while and have become somewhat obsessed with picking up a t-rex tooth. However, there seem to be a lot of questionable ones out there.

I'd greatly appreciate thoughts on the following:

The base width v. thickness seems to fit the standard of > 0.6, and the serrations per centimeter appears pretty low (no measurement given, but the tooth is 1 1/8"). The tooth also does not appear to have a lot of curvature.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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I am by no means an expert, but I would not pay $800 for that. Could be T-Rex I guess, but it is in terrible shape, at least to my eyes.

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image.png.0c956e87cee523facebb6947cb34e842.png May 2016  MOTM.png.61350469b02f439fd4d5d77c2c69da85.png.a47e14d65deb3f8b242019b3a81d8160.png.b42a25e3438348310ba19ce6852f50c1.png May 2012 IPFOTM5.png.fb4f2a268e315c58c5980ed865b39e1f.png.1721b8912c45105152ac70b0ae8303c3.png.2b6263683ee32421d97e7fa481bd418a.pngAug 2013, May 2016, Apr 2020 VFOTM.png.f1b09c78bf88298b009b0da14ef44cf0.png.af5065d0585e85f4accd8b291bf0cc2e.png.72a83362710033c9bdc8510be7454b66.png.9171036128e7f95de57b6a0f03c491da.png Oct 2022

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Thanks. Yeah, the condition is not good, though I think sometimes this tooth is at a reduced price.

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What you are looking at is most likly a partial Rex tooth, so its just the tip. Way overpriced for what they are offering. My suggestion is to keep looking.

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