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Id Please, Tooth?


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Hi all,

I work on construction sites and today we found something which looks like a tooth.

It was found in virgin clay, rather deep, around 30m.

The location was in Suffolk, England a few miles from the Sea.





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It is a belemnite guard, the hard part that is all that usually remains of a soft-bodied prehistoric squid.

Quite a nice one too! I'd say it is either Jurassic or Cretaceous in age.

This image shows where it was in the squids body: http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/images/taxa/inverts/belemnite_anatomy.gif

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I concur.

Belemnite too.

Looking forward to meeting my fellow Singaporean collectors! Do PM me if you are a Singaporean, or an overseas fossil-collector coming here for a holiday!

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Belemnite, might be able to tell you more with a bit more information on the site, but it is probably Jurassic, there are a few places in Suffolk where the Jurassic fossils are found in later clay (reworked).

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