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A friend sent me these pics from Val Verde County, Texas near the Edwards Limestone formation, about 17 miles south of the intersection of Highway 277 and Highway 55. Approximately 6-7 inches long and approximately 1.5 inches diameter at the base although oval not round. It is carbonate material, and looks like it was calcified. Any help on identification would be helpful.

1) post-11919-0-97350300-1400609440_thumb.jpg 2) post-11919-0-05144400-1400609456_thumb.jpg

3) post-11919-0-78176600-1400609471_thumb.jpg 4) post-11919-0-67572300-1400609578_thumb.jpg

Thanks for your help in advance.



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Looks like flowstone to me.



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Thanks fossildude19........92 views and yours is the only response......

Thanks for your help in advance.



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I think the Rudist Fairy has struck again!

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