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Tooth? Coral? Pseudofossil?


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Sorry, but this one looks like a rock (aggregate) stuck in cement - piece of concrete.

Not seeing a fossil here.


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Wow....Nice to see someone else from Bethlehem. Gotta remember, there is tons of concretions and all sorts of stuff in our creeks here. It is almost all left overjunk from the Bethlehem Steel plant. Lots of coke byproduct from the blast furnaces etc... Unfortunately we have little in the way of fossils in our immediate area. Grallator tracks in Coopersburg, but they were stolen from the private property they were on. Beltzville has lots of marine fossils. We do however have lots to offer in terms of indian arrowheads in our creeks, so keep a clear eye out for them. Taking it you found this in the Monocacy?

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I wasn't at the Monocacy. I was hiking around the stream over by Stabler Arena. I did find an arrowhead and a scraper in the farmer field over there. I live in the coopersburg area so I will keep my eyes open. Where would be a good place to see fossils? Hopefully not on the side of a highway. I would love to take my kids. Thanks for helping out a newbie!

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