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Found This On A Hike The Other Day, No Clue How It Formed. Any Ideas?


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Hey everyone,

Recently stumbled across a few interesting pieces of what looks like sandstone (at least the outter part is coated in sandstone) on a hike in the santa monica mountain range in california. I haven't seen pieces quite like this before and was hoping someone could shed a little light on how they came about. it looks to me like an interesting formation of sandstone (perhaps water driven) but at the same time, part of me can't help but think it looks like some prehistoric petrified mammal skin or something. either way i haven't seen much material that looks like this around (i go hiking every week) so am curious how it came about.

i found several pieces that all looked similar and that looked like they could potentially fit together (although most of the pieces were missing. and they all had the same concave indentantion on the underside, and that initeresting patter on the top.

figured i'd post a few pics on here to see if any of you more seasoned hunters would like to help me unravel the natural history of these pieces.

thanks in advance!!


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tried to upload some but i think the file was slightly too large. just re-tried with a smaller file...

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ripple marks

certainly looks very much like sandstone ripple marks!

haven't found any of this stuff out here before, plus the concave underside made me second guess what should have been pretty obvious...

thanks for your super fast response!!!

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