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How To Beat The Holiday Traffic!


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It was Friday of Memorial day weekend and the traffic was going to be terrible going north on the way home so why not go south to the cliffs. The tide and wind was right, and the traffic would be gone by the time I headed home. It made perfect sense to me.

So I arrived to find the parking lot packed. As I started down the beach I was finding the normal small and or worn teeth. But hey at least I was finding teeth. This was so much better than sitting in traffic! Soon I saw a collector in front of me. I asked if he was a forum member and he was. I had met Chesapeeker. After chatting we headed our separate ways. I glanced back and saw him waving to me to come back. As I neared he said he wanted to show me a tooth before he picked it up. Wow I had been hunting the water’s edge and had walked right by this fully exposed and awesome tooth not 5 feet up the beach. Hey it happens that way sometimes. I met some other people two of which were brothers. One of them was collecting teeth for a museum in Germany. You just never know who you will meet while collecting. As I passed them a little later I gave them the teeth I had found up to that point to add to the ones headed to the museum.

It wasn’t five minutes later I saw a small tooth right where the waves were washing the gravel around. I tried to scoop it up but the water moved it just at that moment. But suddenly there was a much better tooth right there. I guess between the waves and my scooping for the other tooth a meg had become uncovered! I wouldn’t know it until I got it home and dried but it has a bite mark across the blade. Then shortly after I found a nice Hemipristis and then another. A little further up the beach there was a nice upper cowshark tooth. Was it karma or just luck? Whatever it was I like it!

I found several other interesting fossils including a piece of skull, two different types of ear bones (at least I think they are both ear bones, will be posting one in the ID section) and a ray scute. I also found many pieces of turtle shell this trip, many more than normal. It was a great day at the cliffs. I met several friendly people was able to donate to a museum and found some interesting pieces to bring home too.



Lower Notorynchus cepedianus

More photos to follow

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Very nice finds Kevin, congrats! :fistbump: If you're referring to the bottom pic rt side 2nd row middle I believe that is a periodic, I'd never seen one and found 2 in one day and sent a pic to Marco to ID. Now I've found a couple in the last few months.

Every once in a great while it's not just a big rock down there!

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Pleasure meeting you, Kevin -- looks like you had your share of luck, too! Love the upper cow, that's very cool. I'll get a picture of said awesome tooth up soon (stay tuned, sportsfans). See you at the cliffs.


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Wow. Great finds Kevin. Love those cows. Congrats! That for sure beats sitting in traffic, or at the office, or on my sofa, or about 1,000 other places I can think of. Karma definitely paying you back for your generosity. Well done.

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Thanks for your comments, The combination of several pristine teeth a complete cowshark tooth and a chub with bite mark makes this one of my best trips in quite a while.

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That is surely a great way to beat any holiday traffic Kevin. Great finds, I love the cowshark teeth.

Bulldozers and dirt Bulldozers and dirt
behind the trailer, my desert
Them red clay piles are heaven on earth
I get my rocks off, bulldozers and dirt

Patterson Hood; Drive-By Truckers


image.png.0c956e87cee523facebb6947cb34e842.png May 2016  MOTM.png.61350469b02f439fd4d5d77c2c69da85.png.a47e14d65deb3f8b242019b3a81d8160.png.b42a25e3438348310ba19ce6852f50c1.png May 2012 IPFOTM5.png.fb4f2a268e315c58c5980ed865b39e1f.png.1721b8912c45105152ac70b0ae8303c3.png.2b6263683ee32421d97e7fa481bd418a.pngAug 2013, May 2016, Apr 2020 VFOTM.png.f1b09c78bf88298b009b0da14ef44cf0.png.af5065d0585e85f4accd8b291bf0cc2e.png.72a83362710033c9bdc8510be7454b66.png.9171036128e7f95de57b6a0f03c491da.png Oct 2022

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