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Fossil Identification **fox River Yorkville, Illinois**


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So I posted on here around a year ago, about some fossils that I found in Yorkville Illinois where a new bridge had been put in leading to a small strip of land on the river. I had forgotten about my original post. I went back to the same place and found a few more, which reminded me that I didn't know what they were! So here I am again. I have a few pictures of the new ones and some old ones. I don't have all of them with me. So if anyone can help out that would be greatly appreciated. ( I heard someone at the site where I found them saying that they were really old, maybe a couple million years?? I don't know if this is accurate or not though).

***I have more pictures. This is all I was able to fit on this post***





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Looks like brachiopods and crinoid columnals.

And I would say closer to 2 to 3 hundred million years. ;)

As far as species identification, I don't know.

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Being found in the Yorkville area, they would likely be late Ordovician time period. Around 450 million years old

(Bullsnake was skimping you of a hundred million years or so.) :)

I agree most of them are brachiopods. And the round things are crinoid pieces. Someone with more brachiopod expertise might be able to narrow it down more. Maybe a type of strophomena brachiopod but I'm not sure and still a noobie at these.

I'll also add that they would have been found in the ocean that covered Illinois at the time. (since you had a tag "fresh water")

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those are the strophomenid brachiopod Rafinesquina, nice examples too!

The smaller ones with the star like centers are crinoid stem sections.

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