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Three Pulalius Vulgaris From Lincoln Creek Formation


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Beautiful work, and the range of coloration is very attractive :wub:

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Nice prep, colors and display. Good work, let's go hit 'em again! :)

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They look great. Please post a little about the prep technique/tools employed. Thanks.

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Great job! I agree with the others, beautiful coloration!

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3 preps in one day? I traded for a few nodules and I'd swear the crabs are encased in flint. Maybe I'll finish them up once I retire and have 12 hours to spend on each.


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All prep was done with an ME-9100 and a micro jack 3. Thank you guys for the compliments! And these were easy ones as they were pretty small and they were softer concretions.

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Beautiful pieces! I need to get me some crabs! Wait, I better rephrase that, I need to get me some fossil crabs to prep.

A fossil hunter needs sharp eyes and a keen search image, a mental template that subconsciously evaluates everything he sees in his search for telltale clues. -Richard E. Leakey


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Haha! And thank you guys. Still have a couple hundred more concretions to prep. Probably take me the rest of my life :)

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