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Largest Hemipristis Serra Tooth Ever Found?


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Good Evening Everyone,

Hemi's are probably my favorite of all species of fossil shark teeth, such a mean shaped tooth with wicked serrations.

I know there have been Hemi's found at or just over the 2" mark but was wondering if anyone knows the largest ever found?

Perhaps post some pictures of your biggest Hemipristis as well in this post for a little eye candy!

My biggest one is a Bone Valley 1.94" in the top center of the picture. Have another Bone Valley White Root/Orange Blade on the way to me in the mail now that is 1.86". One day I will have to get that 2"er! Would be so much sweeter to find it though rather then buying it.

Happy Hunting,



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Here is a link to a similar topic: http://www.thefossilforum.com/index.php?/topic/42387-two-inch-hemipristis-or-snaggletooth-club/?hl=hemi#entry461244

My personal best is a little over 1 3/4, it came out of SMR Aggregates in Sarasota, Fl. This tooth dwarfs every one I have found before or since.


I don't think we will ever know the largest hemi ever, it may be hidden in the bowels of some forgotten collection. There are a lot of big ones out there though!

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That is an awesome Hemi you found Calhounensis!!! Thank you for the link to the previous Hemi thread as well, some nice ones listed there :)

Thanks Don! Yup, I really like them as well.

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Here are 5 more of my bigger Hemi's from Bone Valley, all between 1.50" ~ 1.75"


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Some very nice sub 2" Hemi teeth in this thread. My best are around 1.5", all found this year


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