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Fishtail Or Plant Form?


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Just one of my many exciting finds from my local creek in Central Indiana. 30 miles west of Indianapolis.





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What is the size of this piece?

Looks more like a shell piece - part of a brachiopod or pelecypod? :unsure:

What types of fossils do you usually find there? Plants or shells and crinoids and such?

I could also see it being a bit of Calamites, perhaps.


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My broad guess is the Paleozoic. I have found a large oval shaped(5"x3") orthoceras Nautiloid(I think), several Spirifer's, and some very nice worm like fossil matrix, just to name a few. The items I have found lead me to believe I am in the Devonian period, though maps in Indiana seem to suggest that I am on the dividing line from either Devonian or Mississippian.

This shell(really wanted a fish) is about 3.5" x 3". Thanks for your help.

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