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Is This A Piece Of Ancient Sea Floor?


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I pulled this out of a bed of rocks at the foot of a small waterfall at Chewapa Creek. I am very interested in the age of this stone and its makeup.


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There is a lot going on there; I can't help but wonder what it would look like cut?

Probably wouldn't take a polish, but it might be interesting nonetheless.

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And yes, it was once part of the sea floor.

Context is critical.

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With the crinoid stems, Fenestella, brachiopods, and other bryozoa it definitely appears to be upper mississippian limestone but in Pontotoc Co. the mississipian rocks are 2-3000 (guess) ft deep

During the late cretaceous maybe some chunks of eroding mississippian limestones along the mississippi embayment got washed out into Pontotoc Co.

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