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Devonian Trilobite & More


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So I'm thinking that I picked this rock up because it sparkles all over. I've been rearranging rocks and discovered the trilobite pygidium. :)

So, this rock just looks Devonian to me.


Besides the pygidium there is a hump that could be a cephalon.

Then I turned the rock over and it has more fossils and appears (to me) to have petrified wood.

I'm TOTALLY unfamiliar with the Devonian so any wisdom here would truly be appreciated.

Thanks for looking! :D

post-9628-0-21774700-1402585654_thumb.jpg For Scale.

post-9628-0-40773700-1402585701_thumb.jpg Trilo

post-9628-0-84721800-1402586045_thumb.jpg Backside of rock.

post-9628-0-75604100-1402585720_thumb.jpg Petrified wood???


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I think the buldge is the inside mold of a mollusk, but there is definately a trilobite there. I don't see any petrified wood.

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Looks like a pygidium of a calymenid like a Flexicalymene or a Calymene. The large wood item is a coral. Looks like you have another trilobite in the upper arrow. The smooth round object could be a brachiopod or a Bumastus glabella.

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