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My Comming Trip (Nevada, Utah, Wyoming) ... Suggestions Please


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Hi All

My eight year old son and I are leaving for a ten day trip in about a week. We are planning to begin with a drive from CA across Nevada on hwy 50 to Millard county in Utah where we will spend a few days camping and hunting Fossil Mountain and Cowboy Pass for ammonites and trilobites. Last year we found a beautiful 4" trilo at Fossil Mountain and we want to go back and identify the precise formation it fell from. From there we plan to head over to Dinosaur National Monument and then possibly up into Wyoming. I know about the pay sites around Kemmerer. What I am looking for are suggestions for other good places to camp and hunt out on the BLM land in Wyoming, Nevada and Utah, Possibly Idaho.


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Last time I hunted fish plates in Kemmerer I took a side trip on BLM land to gather some chunks of Blue Forest petrified wood. I had a guide drive me out there (his truck was better at getting closer to the collection site than my rent-a-car). I can probably dig up an email address for him if you are interested (just send me a PM). Others on the forum may also know of locations in that area of SW Wyoming where petrified wood can legally be collected. I believe the rule when I collected it a few years back is that you were free to take up to a 5 gallon bucket--we easily got that much.

On that same trip we had fun at one of the pay digs in Delta, UT hunting (and finding) some nice trilos from the Wheeler Shale. They can apparently be located on BLM land as well but not being from the area and knowing little about the area, I opted for the safe bet of a quarry dig and was happy with the result.

Sounds like a fun summer trip. I'm trying to organize a summer treasure hunt as well but this time for arrowheads instead of fossils.

Have a great trip, be safe, and post lots of pics of your finds once you are back.



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Last year we hit the pay sites in the Wheeler Shale and that was a blast.

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Turritella Agate near Wamsutter. If you buy the Rockhounding Wyoming book when you get in the area, the directions are in there.

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