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Is This Really A Fossil?


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This rock came out of my rock garden that I found in Hartvill,Oh. I originally picked it out because i liked the color, but since I joined this forum, I have been lookin over all of my rocks again to see if any were fossils. This blue rock shown in the picture shows two almost lizard looking creatures if made from the white part of this rock, even my eight year ok noticed these guys. So, i wante to know if it is really what it seems.



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Sorry, but your pics are too blurry to make much out, but from the ones provided, I am not seeing a fossil at all. :unsure:



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Hard to tell from the pics but looks like a quartz vein in the rock. The white quartz vein is creating a curious pattern in the rock. No fossil but still a neat rock.

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I find these all over here in Wisconsin and have hundreds that I've collected over the years with interesting patterns. I agree that it's a quartz vein.

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From were you live I am guessing it is material worn and transported by the Glaciers that were in Ohio. From the look I would say it was Metamorphic. I was visiting the Mount Vernon area in Ohio and picked up some very neat Metamorphic rocks we don't have in Kentucky except for the rare glacial erratic that were ice rafted into the Morehead area. The Glaciers damned up the Licking River that goes into the Ohio in Newport, KY. This created a massive lake where Ice burgs would break off and raft large rocks from Canada and Northern US into higher elevations of Eastern Kentucky. They are the only Metamorphic rocks found there and are very rare, Some areas of Ohio are covered by both Igneous and Metamorphic that didn't originate there but dropped by the Glaciers.

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