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New Or Old Teeth


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When I first found these teeth at Post Oak Creek in Sherman, TX (Austin Group), I assumed that they were recent.

Regarding the larger tooth, as I look at the roots and feel its "heft", I am thinking it may be a fossil. I showed it around at the last Dallas Paleo meeting and some thought that it was a fossil.

Is there a good (non-destructive) test to perform on this tooth to prove that it is or isn't a fossil. I was told to hold a flame to it and see if it burned. I used my fireplace starter and it blackened a small part of the root, but it did the same thing on a rock I tested it on. The black cleaned off. May be too much soot in the flame.

Any ideas as to what kind of tooth? I heard bovine, possibly bison.

I also found a small mammal tooth. Any ideas on it?









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It's really difficult to say whether it's a fossil or a recent bovid . . . that said, it appears to me to be a recent cow tooth.

A 'burn test' or 'match test' will indicate only whether there is collagen remaining in a bone -- scorched collagen has an awful smell. Tooth enamel contains hydroxyapatite [as in bone], but doesn't contain collagen, so the 'burn test' on tooth enamel would be a waste of time.



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I understand that there was a meat packing company close to the creek in Sherman, so most likely Mooooo-------Tom

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Well, this is udderly fascinating. Thanks


Grow Old Kicking And Screaming !!
"Don't Tread On Me"

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