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North Myrtle Beach Find


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Been trying to figure out what my wife and I found on vacation. We found this on the beach in SC, North Myrtle beach right at the Prince Resort. My wife thought it was a cool rock but when i started looking at it I thought maybe it was the last segment of a sea turtles tail. I looked around on the internet with no luck so i thought maybe you guys could help me out. It has some weight to it and seems like a rock and for some reason in my head makes me think it is the last part of a sea creatures tail. Any ideas? Thank you in advance.


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That's an internal cast of a Cretaceous bivalve, called Cucullaea. They are fairly common around the Myrtle Beach area, as the dredges pull them up from Ctreacous sediments offshore when they're replenishing the beach sand. Here's another thread with the same type of fossil. I think the locals call them "turtle heads".


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Yep, FossilDawg nailed it.. this was the same fossil bivalves I found at the same place as a little fella and was told they're 'turtle heads'.

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