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Unknown Molar From Peace River In Fl


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Hi all I have this tooth which was found in the Peace River in Florida. Roughly 1 inch by 1 inch, and is 0.5 inches high. Anyone have any idea on which species this molar may be from? Looks like a Tapir molar to me...






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I agree with your ID of tapir on it.

Thank you. I was browsing Ebay and saw a Tapir molar and realized it looked the same as the tooth I have.

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Nice find I have similar teeth and was wondering the best way to clean them and make em shine

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Agreed with all above--definitely a tapir molar and likely (T. veroensis). These molars rarely seem to have any of the root on them when they are found in the river. The enamel caps of these teeth tend to be fragile due to the deep groove separating the two sets of cusps. As a result partials are a more common find than "whole" teeth like yours--congratulations on a nice find!

As for cleaning/shining, most of what we screen from the Peace is pretty much river polished already and needs little enhancement though I've been known to rub a little mineral oil (won't go rancid like vegetable oils) on a meg tooth or two to deepen the luster for a while (though it doesn't seem to last very long).

I suspect Peace River posts will dwindle for a while now that the river is starting to swell with the oncoming rainy season which is getting underway (it's currently about 5 foot too high to be standing in with a sifter--if you could stand in it at all).



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