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What Is Fossil Name?


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Hi everyone.

I bought Fossil teeth fromTegana Formation, Kem Kem Basin, Taouz (Morocco).Seller say that the DELTADROMEUS AGILIS tooth. But I am not sure . Are there any experts who can help me with this?

Thanks for all your help!

post-15612-0-83695200-1403432124_thumb.jpgpost-15612-0-22118700-1403432154_thumb.jpg #1

post-15612-0-53049900-1403432574_thumb.jpgpost-15612-0-24895200-1403432582_thumb.jpg #2

post-15612-0-67952100-1403432596_thumb.jpg #3

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I´ll do my best :)

Deltadromeus agilis was a Ceratosaur (life restoration: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/1/11/Deltadromeus31DB.jpg) known from that particular formation, the problem though, is the fact that we do not have any skull material from Deltadromeus, we don´t really know what its teeth looked like, the only thing we can do is to compare your tooth to that of other Ceratosaurs, here is a tooth of the more advanced Ceratosaurus:


Sadly, most teeth labelled as "Deltadromeus" are actually misslabelled dromaeosaur (raptor) teeth, here are some examples of raptor teeth:


To be honest, your tooth looks slightly Ceratosaurian to me, so it could be Deltadromeus, but since we do not have its skull we can´t know for sure. There are members on this forum more knowledgable on the topic than me, so wait for their replies too :) .

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Megabass is correct in saying that these teeth may not be Deltadromeus since no skull material has been found.

Most fossil dealers use this name since its catchy and it gives them something to sell.

What I can possibly tell you about the middle tooth #2 is that it may an Abelisaurid type tooth, that is it has the morphological features that fits that family. Unfortunately not enough fossils have been found to describe it to a specific dinosaur. Similarly your #1 & #3 tooth may be Dromaeosaurid but I cannot see the serrations on the outer edge. If they are very fine or distinctly smaller that the inside ones then that's the family they may be in. Morocco is not noted for providing science enough of a theropod specimen to describe these type of teeth so it may be quite a while before we have a name that we can tie them to. In the mean time we have to look at them a higher and more general level.

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The tooth length doesn´t really help in identification though, since we do not know what Deltadromeus teeth looked like (it might not even have had teeth), so the closest you can get is the information Troodon posted, we simply do not have enough fossils from the formation to make a certain id. I´d say, label tooth 1 and 3 as "Moroccan Dromaeosaur" and the second one as "Unknown carnivore, possibly Abelisaurid"

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