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Hello, From (Future) California Undergraduate!


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Hello guys,

I am an international student going to California for my University studies. I am really interested in fossil hunting, but I have zero expereience as I lived in Asia. I would like to know is there any vertebrate fossil containing sites that are open for public in West coast? (such as: mammals, dinosaurs, prehistoric birds, if any :) )

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Welcome to the Forum :)

Where in California are you, and how far can you travel?

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Well, actually I am going to Cal Poly Pomona. And, I will be going fossil hunting next year, by that time, I guess anywhere will be fine

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Welcome to the Forum!

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From Pomona, you're going to want to collect in the Miocene deposits (some ammt of marine vert specimens) in and around LA, or head much further north in the state or south near San Diego for anything older and vert.

Welcome to the form, if you ever want to plan a collecting trip, I can show you a few places here and there in Southern California. Another great resource would be contacting the Southern California Paleontological Society and maybe go on some field trips, https://sites.google.com/site/scpaleo/

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