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The Jesus On Stone. What Kind Of Stone Is It? Need Help

Gatra Vonresto

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Hello, my friends.

I have a stone with Jesus pictured on it. But I don't know what the stone is. It was found on a small river in Java, Indonesia. Thank you very much for helping.



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Depending on the hardness, it could be agate, or a similar microcrystalline quartz.

If we disorient it, the image is less suggestive:


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Unfortunately, I read books upside down very easily ( a trait I got used to while tutoring students), so the image is just as clear to me in the disoriented position. I can see what you are seeing and if you are not careful, you will have people by the thousands coming to your house on a pilgrimage to see the "Forgiving Jesus Stone". If you can find one that resembles the Virgin Mary, you'll really have it made!

Not sure what it is, does look like an Agate or similar rock. Is this a carved "Worry Rock"? One of those things you find at gift shops for nervous people to rub with their thumb.

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some version of quartz

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Dear all my friends,

I would like to say thanks to the experts explaining me the information of this stone. I really appreciate it. :)

Actually I didn't buy it. It was found on a small river near my hometown village. About the picture, I agree that it is really subjective. Some of my friends and I saw it as Jesus, some of others find it different and perhaps don't see an image at all. I think it is just about the perspective way. :)

About the Virgin Mary stone, I hope I fortunate to find it. :D

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