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Dinosaur bone?


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Hey guys!

Mom bought me a lot of fossils for my birthday. Everything else was straightforward but this one puzzled me a bit. It was listed as a triceratops rib head bone. The seller stated it was purchased at an estate sale unprepared. The sale he bought it from said it was found in South Dakota, formation not given. Seller says he prepped it himself after buying and left the bottom unprepared. Measures 12 in by 6 in.

@Troodon said it doesn’t look like a rib. So if not a rib, what is it? And is it even from a dinosaur?




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IDing that is completely out of my league. 

I just want to say, it sounds like you have a really cool mom.

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Whatever it is, it's purddy cool! I vouch for triceratops rib head.

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