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TyrannosaurusRex's Facts

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Tyrannosaurus Rex The Tyrant Lizard

An enormous bipedal dinosaur believed to be able to run up to 25 mph. Sue was the largest specimen ever found measuring 40 feet long and standing 13 feet tall. She was 28 years old when she died of unknown causes possibly an injury to her leg causing her to be unable to hunt her normal prey. Tyrannosaur weighed about 9 tons. While not as long as some of the other carnivores of its time Tyrannosaurus was a dangerous beast although some believed it to be a scavenger. They lived in North America from the Dakotas to New Mexico.

It was believed to have had feathers as a chick


A braincase of an adult specimen. It had a large section in its brain devoted to strategy


The growth rate of an average Tyrannosaurus Rex


Adult skull and the skull of an 11 year old juvenile


A track believed to be Tyrannosaurus


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